WhoTF is Blair?

Episode 1 of It’s Messy, But… host Blair Smith shares the messiness of who he is and what he does…including his INTPness

If you type marketing into Google the top search result is from Wikipedia. The snippet says “Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or good”

The definition of marketing on Wikipedia is wrong.

Marketing is much more than doing promotion of a product, service or good. This way of thinking is why marketing is so misunderstood. Changing how you think about marketing is why Blair Smith, Host of It’s Messy, But… and Professor of Modern Marketing, does what he does.

Blair believes that marketing is an essential literacy in the 21st century. Yes, marketing is at the same level as reading, writing and math. It’s that important.

In this episode of It’s Messy, But… Blair shares how being an introvert, how not being a professor, and how being a marketer marketer will help you develop modern marketing thinking and doing. 

Episode Overview

These are the main topics and highlights from It’s Messy, But… episode 1: “WhoTF is Blair?”

My INTPness (1:21) Explores the mix of characteristics of this introverted personality that are present in approximately 3% of the population. This includes Blair’s strengths and the weaknesses.

Not a “Professor” (3:08) Contrasts the sage on the stage vs. the guide on the side role of the faculty in postsecondary education. Describes what Blair does in his role as a Learning Experience Designer.

Marketing is an Essential Literacy (5:21) Blair explains his Why based his belief that modern marketing is for everybody. For your personal brand or for the brand you work on. From owner-operator to SMB to global, not-for-profit or for profit, it doesn’t matter. 

Wikipedia is Wrong (7:54) Summary and final thoughts about Blair’s role in this glorious, wonderful mess of modern marketing.


You should listen to what an INTP has to say as their ideas tend to be thoughtful, insightful and unbiased.

INTP (Logician) profile on

Learning happens in one’s mind and soul, not in the databases of multiple-choice tests.

Sir Ken Robinson

I’ve chosen not to do better marketing for organizations, but to help develop better marketers.

Professor Blair Smith


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Remember, marketing is messy, but…we’ll work through it together. 😀

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